Signs Your Well Pump Needs Repair

A well provides your home with a constant source of clean water for domestic use. At times, relying on municipal water supply may be disappointing, especially when water rationing or clean up of the water mains. During such times, your taps may be dry. Besides, having a well helps you save money as you don't have monthly water bills to settle.

With a well, you always have available water unless your well pump has a problem. Typically, a pump drives water to your storage tanks, which supply water to the rest of your house. A well pump can last for 8-15 years. However, your pump can only last that long if you maintain the well pump accordingly. Maintenance includes repairing your pump for any damage. Nonetheless, knowing when to undertake repairs can be challenging, mainly because your pump isn't near your sight. Here are the indicators that you need to do well pump repair.

No Water in Your Faucets

If there's no water in your taps or toilet, that's an indicator that something is wrong. If that's the case, your well pump could be having issues with the circuit breaker. This part could be faulty, or power may not be reaching the circuit breaker. To fix the issue, switch off your pump, reset the circuit breaker, and power the pump again. If this quick fix doesn't work, you may need to contact a plumber to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

Decreased Water Pressure

When your home experiences a drop in water pressure, your pump may be having problems drawing up water. However, if you experience low pressure in one faucet, you may be dealing with a broken faucet that needs maintenance. A decrease in pressure in your entire home is a sign of a faulty pump. Perhaps, the dirt in the well could have clogged the pump filters causing a jam in your machine. You need an expert to check your pump and unblock or replace the filters.

Dirty Water

If your water is muddy, this sign may be an indication that your pump has an issue. The chances are that the pump's screen filter has a problem that you need to fix immediately. You may need to replace the filter screen in case of extensive damage. Alternatively, that's a sign that your pump is too far below the well, and the well pump is pulling dirt from the bottom. If that's the case, you should relocate the pump and ensure the well pump is in the correct position.

Dirty water, low water pressure, and lack of water in your home are signs that you need to do well pump repair. Consider calling plumbers to handle the well pump repairs and restore your pump's functionality.

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