3 Common Faucet Repair Problems That Require Plumber's Attention

Any faucet in your home can leak, and as a homeowner, it would be nice to know what the causes might be. Whether you find out about the leak when you're leaving the house or when you're going about your day's chores, ensure you call your plumber immediately to avoid water wastage. Read this post to learn some reasons why your faucets may be leaking and how your plumber can help.

High Water Pressure

Most homeowners encounter intermittent faucet leaks regularly. So it's natural to assume that it is normal. However, this phenomenon is explicable, and if you involve a professional plumber, they can fix the problem for you.

If your faucets drip at random times of the day, the issue could be excess water pressure. When your faucets' rubber seals have to hold extreme water pressure, sooner or later, they give out. While replacing worn-out rubber seals alone might solve the problem for some time, the primary issue remains unresolved. Your plumber will also adjust the water pressure to ensure the new rubber seals last long.

Damaged Faucet Washer

Damaged components are the biggest culprits for leaking pipes. Continuously dripping is a telltale sign that the washer is hanging on a thread. This type of leak is especially wasteful because the faucet drips steadily. Moreover, it can cause your water bill to skyrocket if the damaged washer is not replaced.

All faucet washers gradually wear out over time and should be replaced at some point. The friction and compression eat the material away to a point where it cannot hold water when you turn off the faucet. Your plumber will replace your washer to help you conserve resources and save you from paying for water you didn't even use.

Loose or Worn-Out O-Ring

Have you noticed leakage near your faucet's handle? Ball faucets leak when the ring responsible for holding it in place becomes loose. Your plumber will fasten the O-ring to stop your faucet from leaking. If the O-ring is too worn out to be fastened, you'll need to purchase a new one to keep the water from dripping.

Leaking faucets are easy to overlook because, other than being annoying, they don't usually cause significant property damage. However, if left unaddressed, they waste water and drive up your water bill. Reach out to faucet repair services when you notice a leaking faucet to conserve resources and potentially lower your water bill.  

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