5 Common Air Conditioning Maintenance Procedures

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system not only saves you energy costs but also extends the system's lifespan. To maintain comfort, energy efficiency, and overall occupant health, there is a need to develop a maintenance schedule for your system. 

This article highlights some maintenance tips to consider for your AC. It is important to note that these tips should be applied before the commencement of each cooling season. 

Power Off the System

Because of the dangers associated with working with electricity and your AC system's moving parts, you need to power off the unit completely. Look for a shut-off box on the exterior compressor/condenser. On the interior, turn the power off at the breaker box.

Remove Debris

Most of the debris gets stuck on the condenser fins, so you may want to clean this component with care. The easiest way is to use a rough paintbrush to eliminate the easy-to-dislodge debris. Afterward, use a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment to get rid of the finer debris. It is also important to keep the condenser region devoid of any plant growth and maintain a two feet radius from other objects.

Clean Fins

Take out the outer covers and remove the outside dirt using the brush attachment on a powerful shop vacuum. Next, use a gentle stream from a garden hose to spray through the fins to eliminate any dirt that may have accumulated between them. However, avoid using a pressure washer as excessive pressure could damage the fins.

In the event where the fins are extremely dirty, use fin cleaning spray that you could get at a shop near you.

Straighten the Fins and Clean the Surrounding Area

Because reduction in airflow through the fins could reduce your unit's efficiency, it is imperative to straighten any bent fins using a butter knife or a fin-straightening tool. You, however, need to do so gently to stop damaging the tubing beneath the fins.

Clean the Area Surrounding the Unit

Once the cleaning is over, it is time to replace the fan cage. Do this by raking back leaves and debris in the condenser area before cutting back vegetation and branches for improved airflow around the unit.

During winter, the condenser is usually not in use, and you should therefore cover the top of the unit using a piece of plastic or plywood. This move aims at keeping debris from falling in. Care should be taken to avoid covering the sides of the units completely, as this could result in moisture buildup and consequent corrosion. Once the unit is back into operation, it is time to remove the cover.

Just like every other thing, your air conditioning system will give you several years of servitude if properly taken care of. If you were confused about maintenance options for your system, the above tips would light up the way. Call a contractor to get help with air conditioning maintenance. 

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