Annual Furnace Service 101: What To Expect

With the fall season bringing cooler temperatures, it's time for homeowners to start preparing their heating systems for winter. For most homeowners, this means a call to the local heating contractor for an annual service appointment. However, do you actually know what to expect from that service appointment? Here's a look at some of the steps that your heating contractor will take to help get your furnace ready for the winter chill.

Address Air Flow

The first step of your annual furnace service involves addressing the heating system's airflow. This starts with changing the air filter to ensure that the furnace can draw sufficient air into the unit. Then, the furnace contractor will also inspect the air duct system, checking for any damage and ensuring that the ducts are clean and secure.

Finally, the last airflow component that the contractor will address is the blower fan. They will inspect and clean the blower fan, then test it to be sure that it's functioning correctly. If any components need repair or replacement, that will be addressed during this service appointment to ensure adequate airflow through your heating system.

Evaluate The Burner System

The burner system on your furnace is an essential part of its heat production. This includes the pilot light, the burners, and the heat exchanger. It also includes the fuel supply system. Your heating contractor will clean the pilot light and adjust it if necessary, then they will also clean the burners, the heat exchanger, and the flame and temperature sensors. Then, they will check the fuel supply lines and the fuel pump to be sure that all of those things are in good condition and functioning as they should be.

Assess The Exhaust System

It is essential that your heating system be able to exhaust the combustion fumes and remnants from the fuel burning in your furnace. The heating system depends on an exhaust network to do this so that you don't have carbon monoxide accumulate in your home. As part of your annual furnace contractor's service, the exhaust system will be inspected to ensure that it isn't obstructed or damaged. 

Understanding your annual furnace service is an essential part of recognizing the importance of that service. These are the basic stages of your annual furnace service. Talk with a furnace contractor near you today to schedule your service appointment and get your furnace ready for the upcoming winter.

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