Clogged Drains: See Some Of The Main Causes Of This Serious Plumbing Problem

Although you will sometimes experience plumbing problems, some of them are more annoying and frustrating than others. When your drains are clogged, you definitely have a bigger plumbing problem that will cause a lot of inconveniences. For instance, water will not flow freely when the drains are clogged, and some water could even back up in the toilet or other areas. As a homeowner, you need to realize that clogged drains are sometimes caused by things you hardly suspect. If you have been experiencing frequent clogs in your drains, see some of the things behind the problem and how to deal with the problem.

Paper-Related Products

You should not flush any paper products down the toilet because they cause clogged drains. Ensure you also don't flush wipes and diapers down the drains. Where possible, you should only flush toilet paper in limited amounts to avoid drainage issues. If you usually use cotton swabs, feminine products, and cosmetic towelettes, dispose of them in the compost bin instead of flushing them down the toilet. Products like tampons absorb a lot of water and become ten times bigger, clogging the drains. So it's advisable to flush only the recommended paper products because you avoid serious plumbing issues like clogged drains.

Soap and Hair

Your showers and bathroom sinks will not function well whenever you have drainage issues. Drains easily get blocked, but most people don't know that soap and hair are the main culprits. These two substances can cause serious blockages when ignored. Any time you wash your hair or hands or even bathe, a lot of hair and soap will get into the drainage pipes and cause drainage issues with time. However, covering the plug holes can help avoid this problem. You just need to invest in quality drainage covers to trap hair strands and ensure they don't go down the drain. But in case your drains are already clogged, contact a plumber to unclog them for you.

Food Waste

Most people use appliances like garbage disposals to manage food waste like fruit rinds and peels. However, most people force such substances into the plughole when the appliance isn't working. Food waste is usually among the main causes of clogged drains in many homes, but you can avoid this problem. For instance, you should scrape any surplus leftovers off the plates before you wash them. If you do it regularly, you will maintain functional drains and avoid frequent clogging.

Stringy stuff, toys, dental floss, cat litter, and fats can also cause serious clogs in your drains. And since unclogging them yourself may lead to costlier problems, hiring a certified plumber to handle the clogged drains is the best remedy for you.

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