3 Reasons To Include A Garbage Disposal Installation In Your Kitchen Renovation Plans

If you are planning a home improvement project for your kitchen, you are likely focusing on making the area look better. You may also be giving attention to details such as convenience and energy efficiency. Your focus may be on the higher expenses of your project such as appliance upgrades. Perhaps you are overlooking the convenience of a garbage disposal installation. The following points offer a few of the benefits you can expect if you get a new garbage disposal.

Efficient Kitchen Cleaning

You may not realize that you are wasting time when you have to scrape dishes to remove scraps into the trash can. Walking back and forth to the trash can and sink can add up to several minutes of getting dishes ready to be washed. If you skip this detail, you run the risk of food scrap and grease entering your drains even if you use a dishwasher. Your dishes might also not get clean. Food stuck to dishes is unsanitary and can lead to foodborne illnesses as well as leave a bad impression to others about your cleanliness. A garbage disposal installation will afford you the opportunity to scrape and pre-rinse dishes over the device to be safely discarded in the area where you plan to wash your dishes.

Fresher Smelling Drains

You are accustomed to the way that your home smells. Offensive odors will not be as obvious to you as they will be to others who visit your home. Kitchen drains can be a source of offensive odors when they harbor bacteria and mold from trace amounts of food. Bacteria and mold have an ideal environment to grow in dark, moist drains that have decomposing food inside of them. Using a garbage disposal can prevent this from occurring.

Minimize Plumbing Clogs

Food scraps and particles can also cause plumbing issues that could result in a need for emergency plumbing services. Clogs are a common occurrence in homes that have lax drain care practices. Many substances and foreign objects can clog drains. However, kitchen drains are commonly clogged by food and grease. Repeated cycles of clogging can put pressure on pipes, which can lead to leaks. Garbage disposals are an important way to manage food waste and can make kitchen clogs less likely by ensuring that organic waste is properly contained.

A plumber is a good resource to use for more information about garbage disposal installations. They can explain how these nifty devices can add value to your home. 

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