Drain Pipe Cleaning With A Hydro Jet Eliminates Clogs, Buildup, And Odors

If you live in an older home and have never had the drains cleaned, you might be surprised at what a difference you notice with clean drains. Over time, the insides of the drains get coated with biofilm, grease, scale, corrosion, and other debris. This decreases the diameter of the pipe and leads to slow draining.

The buildup on the sides grabs bits of food or toilet paper and makes clogs a frequent occurrence. Plus, drains with buildup smell bad. You can eliminate this problem by calling a plumber to clean the drains. Here's how drainpipe cleaning works.

The Plumber Uses A Hydro Jet 

When it comes to drain pipe cleaning equipment, a hydro jet is an ideal tool. Plumbers have other tools they can use to clear out clogs, but when you want a drain cleaned thoroughly, a hydro jet is a good choice since it uses water much as a pressure washer does.

A hydro jet consists of a nozzle that's attached to a long hose on a reel. The nozzle blasts out water under pressure, and the water streams shoot in all directions. This ensures all the sides of the pipe are cleaned and that the buildup is knocked off and washed down the drain.

A Hydro Jet Requires Professional Operation 

The streams of water the hydro jet creates are dangerous since they are so powerful. The plumber needs to wear protective eyewear and clothing to protect the skin. The hydro jet is dangerous to people in the vicinity and to your pipes as well if the equipment is not used properly. That's why it's best to let a professional do your drain pipe cleaning.

The Hose Advances Through The Pipe

The water emitted by the hydro jet cleans the insides of the pipe, and it also cuts through clogs. The water is so strong that it can cut through tree roots that have invaded a sewer line. A plumber controls the pressure to ensure no damage is done to the drain. They might even do a camera inspection of the drain first to make sure the drain is not corroded and on the verge of cracking.  

Hydro Jetting Eliminates Odors Too 

A hydro jet can get rid of clogs and slimy buildup on the sides of the pipe. It can even cut through a hard water scale. By getting rid of all the debris and bacterial buildup, the water eliminates the cause of foul drain odors. If you're tired of putting up with bad odors coming up your kitchen or shower drain, then call a plumber to clean your drains with a hydro jet and eliminate the source of the bad smell.

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