Why Is My Faucet Leaking Non-Stop? Learn Here

Irritating drip sounds often accompany a leaking faucet. Besides this, a dripping faucet wastes many gallons of water. If you don't address this plumbing problem, your water bill could skyrocket within a short time. While a minor leak might seem like something you can ignore, your faucets could suffer more damage. Here are reasons why your faucet could be leaking continuously.

Loose Components

Your faucet's nuts, bolts, and screws can become loose due to constant opening and closing. When that happens, your handle won't be tight enough as you operate it. Also, if your faucet can freely move in various directions that it usually wouldn't, there could be loose parts. As a result, water will drip non-stop from your taps. Fortunately, a plumber can fix this issue to restore normal functioning.

Worn Cartridge

A cartridge is a plastic part that controls water flow in a faucet. This component can get damaged or worn out due to old age. Once the cartridge is no longer in excellent condition, leaking occurs.

In addition, it could result in a great hassle adjusting water temperatures. Consequently, cold water may get into the hot water faucets and vice versa due to a bad cartridge. The ultimate solution is to get a plumber to check the issue and fix it.

Damaged Valve Seat 

A valve seat can suffer corrosion from sediment accumulation. As a result, water will leak from your tap's spout. The best way to remedy this situation is to replace the valve seat. For future maintenance, consider expert cleaning because this exercise gets rid of mineral deposits that eat away at the valve seat.

Some faucets feature two valve seats. A residential plumber might need to inspect both components to determine if they are working correctly. That way, dripping won't bother you again since the expert will have dealt with the root of the problem.

Washer Problems

The washer could be another reason why you have a leaky faucet. This component is made of rubber and can wear out over the years. A washer can also be corroded due to harsh water deposits. Dripping could also occur if the washer's size doesn't fit your tap.

Additionally, you might encounter leaking if the washer isn't installed correctly. Frequent force against the valve seat damages your washer. You will notice minor dripping from the spout, and it could intensify if you ignore this problem. The best approach is to replace the washer to ward off any leaks.

The above are possible reasons why your faucet could be leaking. Residential plumbing services can help you solve this problem.

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