4 Common Indicators That It Is Time To Re-Pipe Your Home

Plumbing is one of the most challenging aspects of home repair. Few people are confident about troubleshooting and repairing plumbing issues because even the smallest mistakes in the repair process can lead to massive water damage in the home. Therefore, the best way to maintain healthy plumbing is by hiring an expert plumber to assess your home for signs of deterioration constantly. Here are four common indicators that you have system damage that might require you to overhaul the current plumbing and re-pipe your home. 

When the Water Has Odd Smells

Freshwater does not have a noticeable smell. Water has a mild chlorine smell if the municipality uses the chemical to purify your freshwater. Therefore, clean water should never have a funky smell. Unusual smells in your water supply are one of the first indicators that the plumbing has deteriorated and needs repairs. You should consult a plumber for an assessment and let you know if they can fix the cause of the smell. If not, they will recommend that you replace the piping. 

When You Have Challenges Changing the Water Temperature

Healthy plumbing fixtures allow you to change the temperature in your water without a hitch. The water temperature in the taps should gradually change as you adjust the temperature on the knob. If yours change abruptly or remains the same despite trying to adjust it, consider calling in a plumber. Replacing the pipes can help resolve issues with the water temperature. 

When the Water in the Pipes Is Corroded

The worst thing about the corrosion in plumbing pipes is that, once it starts, you cannot reverse the damage. Pipes corrode because contact between water and metallic parts leads to the formation of rust. The rust eats away at the pipes until they finally start leaking. You can check your pipe appearance for signs of rust and if it seems widespread, consider speaking to a plumber about overhauling and replacing the entire system. 

When You Experience Water Pressure Problems

Issues with water pressure also indicate that the pipes have deteriorated. Call a competent plumber if you have an insufficient flow when you turn on the shower or kitchen faucet. Often, low pressure results from blockages and leaks in the pipes.

The process of re-piping a house should not be a do-it-yourself project. You should call a competent plumber to assess the extent of the damage and recommend a solution. They will also find the best quality pipe replacement to suit your needs.  

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