When Is Camera Inspection Recommended In The Plumbing Field?

The plumbing camera inspection is a technology in the plumbing field that has helped catch and prevent plumbing system issues in hard-to-see areas. When a camera inspection is carried out, the camera captures any small problems that can turn into major repairs. With the camera inspection, issues like clogs, cracks in the pipes, tree roots growing through the pipes, and corrosion can be fixed in their early stages before they get worse. Here's why a plumber must carry out a camera inspection service for some plumbing issues.

Recurring Clogs In The Drains 

Sometimes you might try and unclog the drains yourself, but they still run slowly or even slower than before. In this case, you need to hire a licensed plumber to perform an inspection, and here is where the camera inspection plays a crucial role in pinpointing problematic areas. The expert will know what to use to unclog the drain and how to prevent future buildup.

Locate Any Leaks Beneath Your Slab

The pipes go beneath the concrete foundation of your home. If there is a leak, locating it without causing damage to the foundation might be difficult. A camera inspection assists your plumber in determining the location of the leak and how to proceed without damaging your foundation. If the plumbing team is well versed with the new technology, they can repair the pipes using the trenchless system, which does not damage your slab, landscape, or walkways.

Water Pressure Increases Or Decreases

Changes in water pressure can lead to unpleasant showers and annoying problems with washing appliances. If the plumbing system has an issue, it can contribute to pressure inconsistency. If the leaking pipe creating low pressure is located underground, it can be difficult to locate. This is where a camera inspection comes into play by looking inside your line for any potential leaks causing water pressure drops or variations.

Pipe Corrosion That May Be Affecting The Sewer Lines

Pipe corrosion is quite widespread in some places with harsh water. The water usually has sediments that cause pipes to corrode, especially if using steel pipes. If corrosion is the possible culprit, your plumber can propose a camera check to determine the extent of the problem.

Plumbing replacement can be expensive. Preventative drain camera inspections may assist in guaranteeing that your lines are in good condition, free from obstructions, buildup, and tree roots and that they will continue to serve you in the future. A frequent inspection keeps your system in good working order and saves money on costly repairs.

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