3 Warning Signs That Your Well Pump Is In Need Of Repair

If you wake up one morning to find that your well pump is no longer supplying your home with running water, determining that your pump is in need of repair or replacement will not be difficult. However, there often is no need to wait until you find yourself without water to make this determination. In many cases, there will be warning signs before your well pump fails. Learning to spot these warning signs can help you to prevent a system failure and potentially prevent additional damage to your well system. In this article, you can learn more about three of these warning signs. 

Warning Sign #1: Your Pump Is Cycling On And Off Frequently

When your well water system is working properly, your well pump will turn on each time your pressure tank needs to be refilled and then turn off again until you have used up a portion of the water in your tank. However, if your well pump is struggling to keep up with demand, you will often notice that your pump starts cycling on and off on a very frequent basis. This not only indicates a problem with your well pump, but it can also result in significantly higher energy bills each month. Consequently, you will want to have a repair contractor assess and correct the problem as quickly as possible in order to minimize the damage to your well pump and your overall costs as well. 

Warning Sign #2: Your Faucets Are Spitting When You First Turn Them On

If your well pump is having trouble delivering water to your home, air can easily become trapped inside your water supply pipes. When this happens, you will notice that your faucets begin spitting when you first turn them on. This is a result of the air that creates pressure inside your pipes. While this issue will seem to resolve after as little as a few seconds, the underlying problem will result in it happening again until this problem has been fixed. 

Warning Sign #3: Your Well Pump Has Become Increasingly Noisy

While well pumps are not extremely quiet, these pumps should not be excessively loud either. Even as your pump ages, it should continue to operate at approximately the same noise level. If you notice that your pump is louder when in use or if you notice any new sounds such as a grinding or squealing sound, this could indicate a serious problem with your well pump. Addressing this issue quickly can help you to avoid finding yourself without running water in your home.  

For more information about well pumps, contact a local company. 

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