3 Ways Residential Plumbing Services Can Help Stop Water Hammer

Is laundry day starting to sound like a percussion band? This is because, like most modern appliances, your washing machine is working so quickly, and this causes water supply pipes to jerk due to the fluctuation in water pressure.

Thankfully, you won't have to endure the banging of your pipes every time you use a modern appliance that requires a continuous water supply. You can talk to residential plumbing services about your problem and allow a seasoned plumber to address the root of the issue. Read along to discover three ways residential plumbing services can help stop water hammer.

1. Secure Any Loose Pipes

Water hammer is more than a fascinating pressure phenomenon; it can actually damage pipes and fixtures, causing a nuisance for you and your family. Thankfully, residential plumbing services can put a stop to this occurrence by simply securing any loose pipes. This will help to prevent them from banging against each other or against the walls of the home.

2. Install Check Valves

Aside from securing loose pipes, your plumber can also install check valves in the plumbing system. These valves allow water to flow in only one direction, which can help to prevent water from moving back and forth due to a sudden change in pressure. Washing machines and dishwashers are two common appliances that can cause water hammer. This phenomenon can happen when a washing machine cycles off or when you shut off the dishwasher after it has been filled with water.

Both of these appliances use a lot of water, and when that water is suddenly stopped, it creates a shock wave that can damage your pipes. That's why residential plumbing services will install check valves on your washing machine and dishwasher lines. This way, there won't be sudden changes in pressure when using these appliances.

3. Wrap Pipes in Foam Insulation

When water is forced to change direction abruptly, it creates a shockwave that can cause pipes to rattle and vibrate. In severe cases, the resulting water hammer effect can even cause pipes to burst. Residential plumbing services can help to prevent water hammer and potential consequences by wrapping pipes in foam insulation.

This helps to dampen the effects of the shockwaves and reduces noise levels. Insulating your pipes is an easy and effective way to reduce the risk of water pressure damage in your home.

The effects of water hammer can be unbearable. That is why, if you're experiencing this phenomenon in your home, contact residential plumbing services and let a seasoned plumber find a permanent solution to the problem. 

For more information about residential plumbing, contact a local professional. 

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