Assumptions To Avoid Making About Leak Detection And Repairs

While plumbing leaks can be a common occurrence for homes, it is a reality that many of these leaks may be in areas where it can be difficult to locate them. Fortunately, a homeowner will be able to hire a leak detection service to assist them with finding the source of their plumbing leak so that the appropriate repairs can be determined.

Assumption: Only Large Leaks Can Be Located

Large leaks can be relatively easy for homeowners to find on their own. However, many of the plumbing leaks that may develop could be significantly smaller. This may result in the owner having a very difficult time determining where the leak is occurring. Leak detection services are capable of utilizing sophisticated tools that can locate where these leaks are occurring. One of these tools can be a very sensitive listening device that will be able to hear the sound of water leaving the pipe and dripping. By utilizing these tools, these services can greatly narrow the area where the leak is occurring.

Assumption: Leaks Under Slabs Will Require All The Pavement To Be Removed

One of the more challenging areas where a leak could form will be under thick slabs of concrete or asphalt. When there are leaks under these surfaces, the repairs can be more involved. However, a person may not have to remove the entire paved surface to complete these repairs. More specifically, it is possible for these contractors to actually cut out a small section of the pavement so that the leak in the pipe can be repaired. For these projects, leak detection services can be essential due to their ability to help individuals with isolating the location of these leaks so that the hole in the pavement can be kept as small as possible. After the repair has been completed, these holes can be patched so that the integrity and appearance of the pavement will be restored.

Assumption: A Leak Detection Service Can Always Handle The Repairs

Some leak detection services can provide effective repair services for their clients. This can be one of the more convenient options as the homeowner will be able to avoid the need to hire multiple services to find and repair these leaks. However, there can be limits to the repairs that these providers offer. For example, a leak under a slab of concrete may require specialized tools to cut through the concrete, and not every leak detection service may have this equipment. 

For more information, contact a local company that provides leak detection services

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