Know Your Options For Portable Toilets

Do you have a need to rent portable toilets for an upcoming outdoor event? Know that it is not as simple as placing an order for a specific amount to be dropped off at the event site. There are actually different options for portable toilets that you have to pick from, so it is best to know your options.

Standard Portable Toilets 

If you are on a budget, a standard portable toilet is going to be what you need to get the job done. There are no special features added to the portable toilet to increase the rental cost. Just a big tank that is designed to hold all of the waste to make it through your entire event without needing to have the toilet emptied. 

Hands-Free Portable Toilets

The next upgrade you'll typically see is hands-free portable toilets. These have some hand-free features that help your guests have a more enjoyable experience. A foot pedal to flush the toilet is a common upgrade so that the waste is separated from the inside of the portable toilet, as well as a foot pedal operated sink.

Hand Washing Stations

You may want to skip having hands-free portable toilets with a sink since you can rent a hand-washing station instead. These not only cut down on your rental costs by moving the hand washing station to a different area but also make it easier for guests, in general, to wash their hands without having to wait to use a portable toilet. 

Portable Toilet Trailers

If you are hosting an event that is a bit more upscale, such as a wedding at a remote location, you may prefer to have a portable toilet trailer instead. Trailers look more like modern bathrooms with similar amenities, such as individual stalls, sinks with mirrors, lighting, and even climate controls. It's the best way to make your guests feel comfortable using a portable toilet since it looks like a real bathroom.

ADA-Friendly Portable Toilets

Want to make sure that even disabled guests have no issues using the restroom? You can also add ADA-friendly portable toilets to the rental. What makes these different is that they are going to be handicap accessible, with the ability to even get a wheelchair into the unit. This also means that the portable toilet is closer to the ground so that there is not a big step that would make using a wheelchair an issue. In addition, you'll find things like grab bars that are strategically placed in order to make the portable toilet more accessible.

Reach out to a portable toilet rental service to learn about your options. 

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