Problems That Your Water Heater Might Suffer

Problems with a water heater can be a significant disruption for your home as it can deprive you of a source of hot water while also having the potential to cause structural damage to the house. Repairing any water heater problems will need to be an urgent priority once they start to develop.

Kettling Starting To Occur

Kettling is a problem that is common for homes with lower-quality water. This issue occurs when there are sediments and minerals that start to accumulate in the water heater. Over time, these accumulations can grow large enough to begin rattling around inside the unit. Unfortunately, individuals may not realize that this is a serious problem for the system. If it is not repaired, these accumulations will be able to cause clogs and other major problems for the water heater. A professional water heater repair solutions provider will be able to open the water heater so that these accumulations can be removed before they are able to contribute to these problems. If a homeowner is wanting to reduce this from occurring again in the future, they may wish to install a water treatment system that can remove these impurities.

There Is Water Pooling Along The Base Of The Water Heater

Water pooling along the base of the water heater is a sign that there is a leak occurring somewhere in the system. Unfortunately, this is one of the water heater problems that will be able to contribute to structural damage to the home. More specifically, the water that is pooling could cause rot and mold to form. Depending on the location of this leak, it may be very difficult for a person to find the source. In order to repair the leak, this will need to be one of the first steps. While a homeowner may be unable to effectively find the source of the leak, a water heater repair professional will be able to quickly find these leaks and patch them.

Consistency Problems With Heat Output

A water heater that is not producing enough heat could severely limit the performance that your unit is providing, and this could be in both terms of the amount of hot water that is being provided and the actual temperature of the water. There can be many reasons why these problems may be occurring with your water heater, but one of the more common reasons can be due to failing heating elements, compromised thermostats, and electrical problems. 

For more information about water heater repair, contact a local company. 

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