3 Reasons To Consider A Hybrid Tank Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a popular choice for many homeowners, but they aren't the only high-end option available for improved energy efficiency and a more comfortable home. Another even more modern option is the hybrid tank water heater. Hybrid water heaters offer numerous advantages over conventional storage tank heaters and tankless models.

While all three choices have pros and cons that make them suitable for different homes and budgets, hybrid water heaters are an excellent and often overlooked choice. If you haven't considered one of these models before, check out these three reasons a hybrid water heater may make an excellent upgrade for your home. 

1. Better Than 100% Efficiency

Unlike conventional storage or tankless heaters, hybrid water heaters use heat pump technology. One of the most shocking things about heat pumps is that they offer more than 100% efficiency. This high value may surprise you if you're familiar with efficiency ratings. After all, how can your water heater produce more heat than the amount of energy it receives?

This shockingly high-efficiency results from the heat pumps moving heat rather than generating it. In other words, a hybrid heater works like an air conditioner in reverse. This process is drastically more efficient, allowing your hybrid water heater to "scavenge" heat from the surrounding air and use it to keep your water warm.

2. Renewable Power Sources

One of the issues with conventional tankless or storage heaters is that natural gas is often the most efficient option. While natural gas is a relatively clean-burning and cheap fuel, it's still a fossil fuel that produces some carbon emissions. If you're trying to minimize your home's carbon footprint, you may need to make the unpleasant choice between an emitting fuel source and higher energy costs.

However, hybrid heaters run on electricity, allowing them to provide much higher efficiency while still utilizing your local grid. A hybrid water heater can be an excellent green option if you live in an area with renewable power sources. Even better, you can utilize your home's solar panels to power a hybrid heater.

3. Easy Installation

While hybrid water heaters tend to be larger than standard storage water heaters, they usually have a relatively similar footprint. If you're installing a similar-sized hybrid heater to your existing storage tank heater, you likely won't need to do much. Unlike a tankless heater, you don't need to find wall space or run any new connections.

In fact, hybrid heaters can be an excellent drop-in replacement for existing electric water heaters. While the water heater will cost a little more to purchase, you shouldn't expect to spend much more on installation than a conventional storage tank model. 

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