Do You Struggle With Clogged Drains? 3 Reasons To Hire Plumbers Instead Of Drain Cleaners

One plumbing problem most homeowners can't seem to escape is a clogged drain. When facing this problem, the first thought that might come to mind is purchasing a liquid drain cleaner to eliminate the clog. But sadly, these chemicals might do more harm than good since some contain hazardous elements and are ineffective in clearing serious clogs. That's why it is recommended to call plumbers, no matter how minor the clog is. Here are a few consequences of pouring chemical products down your pipes.

1. Their Fumes Compromise Indoor Air Quality

When you open a bottle of chemical drain cleaner, it releases toxic fumes into the air. That's why the instructions on the labels recommend using these chemicals in a well-ventilated area. Otherwise, these fumes can linger in your house, compromising indoor air quality. So, if you tend to use these chemicals every time you have a clog, repeated exposure will cause severe respiratory problems. That can be dangerous since a weak respiratory system increases the chances of experiencing a serious problem if you are exposed to other respiratory tract infections.

2. The Chemicals Can Damage the Plumbing Systems

Chemical drain products contain strong hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, which cuts through the debris that clogs your system to restore proper flow. Sadly, these substances cannot differentiate the clogs from the pipes and might eat through everything in their path. The situation could worsen when the chemicals are ineffective in clearing the clog since they will sit in your pipes longer. During this time, the chemicals will corrode the pipes, increasing the chances of experiencing leaks. Consequently, you will have to replace your pipes, which is an expensive project.

3. They Don't Give Consistent Results

Though drain cleaning products claim to be effective, most don't eliminate serious clogs. Moreover, the impact of these chemical cleaners wears out after a short while, even when used on minor clogs. However, professionals use advanced tools to analyze the severity of the clog and eliminate it, providing a long-lasting solution. So, if you don't want to deal with drain clogs all the time, it is best to hire competent plumbers to inspect your systems and unclog them.

Drain cleaners compromise indoor air quality, can cause extensive damage to your wastewater plumbing lines, and don't work on all clogs. That's why you should contact a professional plumber whenever you experience a clog. These professionals use effective and non-invasive drain cleaning methods like hydro-jetting to eliminate stubborn clogs.

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