Clogged Drain Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

There will eventually be drains in your home that clog, preventing water from traveling down properly. If you face this problem, here are some cleaning tips to remember.

Use Dish Soap For Clogs Caused by Grease

If you put grease down the drains in your kitchen sink, this can eventually cause it to clog. You want to act fast before grease is able to collect even more and harden, making this clog removal even more difficult to deal with. Probably the best thing for grease is dish soap.

It's formulated to break down grease and thus help you deal with clogs created by this substance. You may just need to send hot water down the drains as well and repeat this cleaning step a couple of times. Additionally, when you use dish soap, you can choose a particular scent and thus help your drains smell better throughout the day. 

Use a Drain Cleaner Tool For Shallow Clogs 

If you have a clog in one of the drains in your home and it's not very far down, you may be able to break it apart and pull out the materials that caused the clog to begin with. You'll just need to use a drain cleaner tool.

It should be flexible and have barbed ends that materials attach once this tool makes contact with them. You can then twist and pull out the materials that caused the clog. This may be all you need to do for shallow clogs in residential drains. 

Experiment With Different Cleaning Products 

One of the most common ways to deal with clogged drains is to send cleaning products down them. You have a lot of cleaners to choose from today. What you need to do is experiment with as many as you can, so you can see what has the best results.

You can get drain cleaning products that vary in ingredients and smells. Then you just need to monitor your drains after each product is used. You'll eventually be able to find a drain cleaning product that has the best results on a consistent basis, and then you can be more strategic with the cleaning products you use in the future. 

Clogged drain cleaning doesn't have to be that difficult. You just need to use the right products and refine your cleaning routines based on what you find out works best for you. Then clogged drains won't be able to cause you problems for long. 

For more information, contact a drain cleaning service near you.

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