PEX Piping — It Could Be The Money Saving Solution For Your Plumbing Project

Unfortunately, maintenance and repairs are costly necessities of homeownership. If you are facing some plumbing work, particularly a repiping job, it's time for you to learn about PEX piping. Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help you initiate a conversation with your plumbing contractor.

What is PEX?

Unlike traditional PVC or copper piping used in a lot of home construction, PEX piping is flexible and made of durable plastic.

Why is PEX better than traditional piping?

Traditional piping requires a lot of elbows and fixtures to connect the pieces. Rather than having to add an elbow to a pipe to direct it to where it needs to go, the pipe can simply be bent. This means, there is less labor involved and less likelihood of a leak in the connections in the future.

Is PEX more expensive than traditional piping?

When you compare PEX installation to traditional piping installation, the cost of PEX is well below its competitors. Generally speaking, repiping the average home can cost several thousand dollars using traditional materials. When using PEX, the cost often drops.

The cost of the actual project will be determined by the work that needs to be done. The plumbing contractor can provide you with a cost estimate for your home after an inspection and discussion are had.

Why doesn't everyone use PEX piping?

The truth is the disadvantage that PEX piping has when compared to traditional materials — it is not meant to be used for very hot water and cannot be used outside. The material that makes up the piping does not hold up well to high temps, nor does it last when exposed to direct UV rays.

Another disadvantage of PEX piping is that oxygen barriers will need to be installed throughout the system. These barriers will help to reduce the chances of water contamination over the years. If your home is equipped with a high-quality water purification system, oxygen barriers may not be required. They are just one more piece of the puzzle meant to keep hard water, iron, and calcium from building up in the lines.

PEX piping could be the money-saving solution to your big plumbing project. Talk with a plumbing contractor in your area to learn more about your needs. They will provide you with the information that you need to make an educated decision about such an important project within your home.

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