2 Signs Your Business's Gas Boiler Needs Immediate Repairs

When your business depends on a boiler system to heat the building, there are some repairs that can wait a few days if something goes wrong. If you notice a decrease in the production of heat or hear popping noises, these issues can be addressed during a regular service call. 

However, there are problems with the boiler that cannot wait and need to be addressed by a professional as soon as you notice them. Below are a couple of signs that your business building's gas boiler needs immediate repairs by a qualified plumbing professional.

1. You Detect Any Odor Coming From the Boiler While It Is Operating

One sign that your business building's boiler system needs to be assessed immediately by a professional is when you detect any unusual odor coming from the boiler. The odor will most likely be smelled while the boiler's burner is heating the water inside the tank.

If you smell anything that resembles sulfur from a lit match or rotting eggs, this is a sign that the boiler is leaking gas somewhere. You may also smell a metallic smell if the burner is not firing fully, which often results in the release of carbon monoxide. Either of these odors needs to be addressed immediately as they pose serious health and safety hazards.

2. You Find Puddles of Water on the Floor Around the Boiler

Another sign that you need to have the boiler examined as soon as possible is when you find puddles of water on the floor around the boiler. Since a boiler works by heating up water to generate steam under a lot of pressure, a small water leak, as indicated by the puddles, could quickly turn into a large one.

As the pressure of the steam presses against a hole in the tank or pipes, there is an increased risk that it will crack or break the area around the hole. Any suspected leaks should be addressed right away to keep the system from breaking and flooding the area with water.

When your business's boiler has an odor while it is operating, there may be a gas or carbon monoxide leak that needs to be addressed immediately. Also, puddles on the floor indicate a water leak from the system that could turn into a major issue if the source of the leak is not taken care of by a professional. If you suspect that the system is having either of these issues, contact a plumber that offers boiler system repair services in your area right away to schedule an appointment for an emergency service call.

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