3 Reasons Not To Prolong A Small Under-Sink Leak Repair

Chances are if you are going to have a water leak in your home, it is likely to occur near one of the points of plumbing that is used the most. Therefore, leaky pipes beneath a bathroom or kitchen sink are some of the most common reasons for a call for plumbing leak repair.  

If you spot a small drip of a little leak under your sink, you may be tempted to put off calling for help because the situation doesn't seem so bad. However, this tends to get homeowners in a lot of trouble. Take a look at three reasons a small plumbing leak under a sink should never be ignored and repairs should happen as quickly as possible. 

1. Water Damage Is Highly Possible  

Even if a water leak is small, the water can accumulate quickly. Most people will stick a bucket or pan under the drip in an effort to catch the water under the sink. However, a container of water in an out-of-sight area can easily be overlooked and overflowing before you realize it. And, if you don't capture the water in a receptacle at all, everything from the vanity or cabinetry and the underlying flooring may be at risk of water damage. 

2. Mold Develops Rapidly Under the Sink 

Did you know that mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours given the ideal conditions? Ideal conditions include lingering moisture, lack of movement, and low sunlight, which is typical under your sink. Mold spores are floating all around you and your home because they are a necessary and natural part of the environment. These tiny spores are a bit like moisture-seeking seeds; when they find a spot to thrive, they will gravitate to that area. If you have moisture under your sink due to a small leak, you could have a mold problem in just a few days. Therefore, it is important to reach out for plumbing leak repair as quickly as possible. 

3. Small Leaks Can Become Major Leaks Quickly 

What starts out as a single drip can evolve into a full-blow gushing stream of water if something is wrong with your under-sink plumbing pipes. For example, if there is too much pressure built up in the hot water supply line and a pinhole leak develops, the added pressure could mean the full pipe bursts open. Obviously, this can create a major issue with water damage. Therefore, it is always best to have the small leak looked at by a plumber early. 

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