Three Signs A Garbage Disposal Unit Needs Repair

A garbage disposal unit is one of the most convenient appliances in a modern kitchen. However, you should use the device correctly to enjoy its benefits, including easy food preparation and effective waste management. Although a quality garbage disposal unit is hardwearing, regular maintenance is essential to prolong its lifespan. Therefore, schedule periodic inspections with a residential plumber to maintain the appliance's optimal performance. 

Pay attention to the slightest disposal unit issue, even if the device processes food. Being proactive ensures timely repairs and prevents further damage. This article highlights telltale signs a garbage disposal needs professional attention.

1. Incorrect Use

You probably know how to use a garbage disposal unit because most brands provide an operation manual. Therefore, pass the information to other family members lest they use the appliance as a garbage bin. A garbage disposal unit will develop problems or fail prematurely with irresponsible use, warranting expensive repairs or replacement.

If you suspect anyone has disposed of unwanted fluids or food leftovers in a garburator, call a plumber for an inspection. Notably, tough items such as beef bones might damage the grinding mechanism if you opt for DIY repair. Generally, consult a plumber whenever a family member misuses a garbage disposal unit.

2. Erratic Sounds

A garbage disposal unit hums during normal operation because of the motor and grinder. However, pay attention to erratic and strange sounds since they might indicate misalignment of the grinding mechanism. Unfortunately, some people consider strange noises normal and don't bother to call a residential plumber for an inspection.

Listen for a metal-on-metal clanking sound, which suggests the blade and gears are misaligned. Similarly, be wary of a rattling noise because something hard, such as silverware, might be stuck in a grinder. Contact a plumber promptly to prevent critical parts damage, including the shredder ring and impeller.

3. Ineffective Grinding

A garburator's impellers dull over time due to frequent usage. Therefore, regularly inspect a disposal unit for tear and wear, especially if you have had the appliance for a few years. Generally, the presence of visible waste chunks suggests ineffective grinding due to worn-out impellers.

Do not inspect a garbage disposal unit with your hands to push unground waste down the unit. Additionally, avoid DIY solutions for dull impellers, such as using ice cubes or eggshells, because you risk damaging the appliance. Instead, contact a plumber to replace worn-out impellers and restore the device's grinding efficiency.

Know when to call a residential plumber to inspect and repair a garbage disposal unit to enhance efficiency and convenience. Look out for ineffective grinding and strange noises. For more information on residential plumbing, contact a company near you.

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