Signs You Need Showerhead Service Or Replacement

The showerhead's efficiency and function determine your shower experience, energy use, and water use. Showerhead malfunctions affect all these and require prompt repair or replacement. Below are signs you need to repair or replace your showerhead.

Showerhead Leaks

A dripping or leaking showerhead wastes water and means a malfunction. Common causes of showerhead leaks include worn or damaged seals, for example, from wear and tear. Your showerhead can also leak due to a weak connection between it and its arm. Damage to the arm's attachment to the wall can also cause leakage.

The solution depends on the leak cause. For example, you can tighten loose connections and stop the leaks. However, significant mechanical damage calls for showerhead replacement.

Sediment Clogging

If your home gets a hard water supply, some of the minerals in the water will crystalize and accumulate within the showerhead. Over time, the accumulated sediments will restrict water flow, interfering with your shower experience. You might spot the sediments as grime or chalky scales around the showerhead.

Cleaning the showerhead may work. Regular cleaning prevents serious sediment buildup. However, massive clogging requires showerhead replacement.

Water Temperature Fluctuations

The showerhead has a balancing valve that mixes cold and hot water for a safe and comfortable shower temperature. A malfunctioning valve may decrease or increase hot or cold-water availability, leading to uncomfortable temperatures. In some cases, the water temperature might fluctuate between hot and cold.

You can replace either the whole showerhead or the mixing valve. Replace the whole showerhead if it's relatively old because an aging showerhead will still be troublesome. You may replace the valve alone if the rest of the system is relatively new.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

Showerhead pressure issues have multiple causes. For example:

  • Sediment clogging can reduce the pressure
  • Leakage can reduce the pressure
  • Mixing valve malfunction can cause pressure fluctuations
  • A loose showerhead can lower the pressure

With so many possible causes, showerhead pressure issues require professional diagnosis and solutions.

Bathroom Remodel

Lastly, you may want to replace your showerhead during bathroom remodeling, even if nothing is wrong with the fixture. For example, you may want to replace the showerhead to match other bathroom parts and improve aesthetics. You can also replace the showerhead twits with a more efficient one if improved efficiency is one of your remodeling goals.

Hopefully, you will repair your showerhead soon and continue enjoying your shower experience. Remember to maintain your plumbing system to prevent frequent malfunctions. 

To learn more, contact a plumbing service in your area such as Merrell Plumbing.

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